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850 and "modern" modem not playing well..


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finally felt like messing with the modem on the 800XL and 850, I tried two different modems, a 2400 baud Zoom with MNP5 and a USR 56K..



It didn't go as planned. I tried this with Express 850 and BOBterm, same basic results, the terminal would echo letters back as I type, but the modem would no respond to any commands. The cable I made myself used cat 5e cable, and i've triple checked it matches the 850's non standard pin-out.


is it just something about modem that are meant to have locked ports speeds that killed this or am I (probably) doing something wrong? back in the day I had a P:R: connection and never had this issue. of do I just need a standard modem that doesn't do the MNP/v.42 stuff?


I have a 2400baud Supra I got for free at a flea market a while back.. but seems I over paid for it..

I know people are going online with these old machines.. I just need to figure out how, right now I think I need a standard 2400 with out the locked port speed stuff..?


if I'm not making sense.. it's 4am...

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