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IntyBASIC Change Foreground Colors on BACKTAB?

First Spear

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The "screen" command simply copies values from your data table (in your case "my_cards" ) to the backtab. Color information has to be included in the data table.


If you want to change the color used, you could either:


1. have a different "my_cards" data table for each desired color. or

2. have no color in the data table, and then write a fixup routine to add the color later...

			DEFINE 0,8,mybitmaps_0 
			SCREEN my_cards,0,80,9,8,9

	#color = CS_WHITE
	for r = 0 to 8
		#address = BACKTAB_ADRS + 80 + (20 * r)
		for c = 0 to 9
		 	poke #address, peek(#address) + #color
			#address = #address + 1
		next c
	next r


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I would make use of XOR if you want to fade in something e.g.

Colour would become:

#color=#fromColour  XOR #toColour

The central part of catsfolly's loop would become:

#data=#data XOR #color
poke #address,#data

Then you would make it into a procedure and call it as follows:-

rem Fade fromblack to blue.
gosub FadeBlockIn
wait ' Wait for a few VBLANKSs before altering the colour again.

rem Fade from blue to white.
gosub FadeBlockIn

rem Fade from white to green.
gosub FadeBlockIn
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