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Did you get any video games for Christmas?


Did you get any video games for Christmas?  

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  1. 1. Did you get any video games for Christmas?

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It's pretty much impossible to shop for me ... I hate clutter, so "stuff" is like an anti-gift. I'm kinda picky about things to wear, and in terms of tech, I usually just buy stuff for myself long before anyone is aware it could be a gift.


So I asked for -- and got -- sixty bucks in Nintendo credit so I could finally play Mario Maker on the Wii U. It's downloaded but I've yet to play it, of course.


I didn't buy games for anyone, but I've been talking up the unusual Atari Flashback Portable to anyone who will listen. Very few people in my circle care!

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My younger brother and I have been giving each other video games for Christmas gifts the last 25 years. He gave me Lady Bug - Atari 2600, River Raid 2-Atari 2600, Sonic Spinball - Game Gear, Warbirds - Lynx, Gauntlet 2 - Game Boy, Rampage: Puzzle Attack-GBA, Cleopatra's Fortune-Playstation, and Super Shell Monster Story-SNES.

I also got Sega 3D Classics Collections - 3ds, Shin Megami Tensei IV:Apocalypse-3dS, and Eurian Odyssey 2: Untold the Farnir Knight- 3DS from other people.

I gave my younger brother G.I Cobra Strike- Atari 2600, Virtua Fighter Animation - Game Gear, Steep Slope Riders - Saturn, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Game Boy Color, Sonic Advance 3 -GBA, Super Monkey Ball-Gamecube, Super Puzzle Fighter 2-GBA, Wiz'n Liz-Genesis, Banjo Kazooie Grunty's Revenge-GBA, Lunar Pool-Nes, and Gobs of Games - Game Boy Color.

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No.* But I did fix up a bunch of spare 2600 stuff I had lying around in my basement for my boss to give to her husband. Nice 4-switch woody I refurbed, 2x joysticks, 2x pair paddles, 1x driving controller, 2x keyboard controllers, and a Trak-Ball I "modded" to make the fire buttons more sensitive (I essentially just stuffed some folded squares of aluminum foil inside the fire button assemblies to create conductive pads--the buttons now have a very light tactile touch and are vastly more responsive), all refurbed and frankensteined together from assorted broken controllers when needed. Hooked her up with about 50 common dupe carts I had sitting around, all with really clean labels (I've always been a freak about label condition). Even threw in one of those big plastic Game Center organizers (it was just taking up space anyway--she did me a favor taking it). And of course a power supply and F-coax adapter.

Her husband said it was the best Christmas present he ever got. :-D Today she keeps talking about how much he loves it. Very gratifying to hear and I'm glad I could make that happen for them. :)

(*Well, sort of. I got myself Donkey Kong for Atari 7800 and Mario Bros.--and Food Fight and Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom--for the XEGS in the week before Christmas, but I didn't open them on Christmas. Usually I'll get myself some games for my wife to give to me for Christmas but didn't this year.)

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Yes I did! A really nice Atari Age member made my Christmas this year when he PM'ed me with a BETA copy of his new game. I cannot mention him or his game at the moment... but I really enjoy playing it and I know others will too when he's ready to release it.


ooohhh... must be for the TI? :)

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