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Hey all. Just discovered this board and decided to register. I'm a longtime Colecovision fan, having had one as a kid in the early-mid 80s. I purchased my current Colecovision about 15 years ago and have played it regularly over the years.


In the past month or so, I've gone on a buying kick, purchasing a bunch of old games I didn't already own. In the last few days, I discovered the existence of the Super Game Module and the entire home brew community... all I can say is wow!!! I've missed out on quite a bit.


I've read through a bunch of threads here, and have some questions... particularly related to the availability and where/how to purchase or preorder games from Team Pixelboy, Op Code, Collectorvision, etc. Collectorvision's website I fully understand, and I see that Op Code's available games can be purchased through Atari Age. I don't see any purchasing details on Team Pixelboy's website... I understand many of their games are unfortunately sold out, but for the ones that are still available, where can they be purchased?


Thanks for the help, and any other assistance you can provide an overwhelmed newbie here is greatly appreciated!

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