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Bug found maybe?


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Hello all,


As many reading this know I have been using RespeQt with pclink so that I can access pc directories through SDX 4.48.


The current setup I am using is an 800xl with U1mb - with drives 1050(std) Xf551 and Indus GT. They are usually drives 2,3,4 OR 1,2,3 (sometimes I am booting from a large HD partition on the PC through RespeQt)


I am using a serial atarimax device ( a nice donation from a friend ) So i am not using any homebrew eqipment like I have stated in other past posts.


Here is the potential bug I think I have found - IT is specific to the Indus GT (or so it seems)


So.. if I have say 5 active drives - 3 hardware (1050,xf,GT) and 2 through RespeQt (NOT PCLINK drives) Lets say its A:respeQT b:1050 c:xf551 d:Indus GT E:respeQt.


IF I try and access drive d: from a RespeQt drive so a: dir d: it will give me a directory listing but will hang on sector 20 (read from led of Indus) and continue to spin ( I have let it go for as long as 10 mins)


If I go from hardware say b: dir d: - no issue I get the dir.. and it parks the head at sec 39 and shuts off. IF I do it from any hardware to hardware the same.. if I go from a respeQt drive to the 1050 or the xf551 it parks and stops.. but to the Indus GT it does not.


Now - if I then go to D: do a dir or disk access direct from that drive - it does the operation and shuts down.. If I go to another hardware drive and access D: while its spinning away.. it will do the operation and then shut down.. BUT if I do more operations from a respeQt drive to the GT it will do the operation but again hang on 20 and continue to spin.


What do you think?





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In my continuing effort to figure this out.. I found out.. its not QUITE RespeQT... but it might be pclink.


I tried this using RespeQT.. but not sparta 4.48 that is on my U1mb.. but I used my spart 4.19 cartridge.. NO problem.


Then I loaded Sparta 4.48 again.. but no drivers, no autoexec or config.. no problem.


But when I load Sparta 4.48 with the pclink driver.. I get the problem.. so maybe kinda related.. but its the pclink driver issue??



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I think I have found the issue.. although its not where I thought it would be.


It seems to be in the prompt command I issued in my autoexec.bat


prompt $l$p>


This is what is causing the indus GT to hang and continue to spin forever, unless I access the drive from a real drive in the sio chain. If I access the drive from an SIO2pc drive.. I get it hung up.


Now I know this is so odd, it does not effect a significant group.. but interesting none the less.


guess this should move this over to the spartados X thread.



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