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Uridium source


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As mentioned in the other thread here's the source for Uridium which I made from the original c64 game using Infiltrator disassembler.


The uridium_dump.prg is the file I used to derive the source. I took the original tape image, loaded it up in VICE and set a breakpoint at $900 then dumped it.


The build is quite simple, click on the batch file and it creates the two PRGs

projectu.prg - uncompressed binary

pjpu.prg - compressed binary ( exomized )


The source is far from perfect and I haven't had time to go through and comment the entire source or fix errors but hopefully it helps someone who is interested in porting a game to other systems, maybe even the Atari ?


I don't know if anyone has noticed that Infiltrator disassembler does not handle opcode F8 / SED and represents this as data ( .byte $F8 ) Anyone know how to get in touch with the author ? I have included uridium.exl for Infiltrator disassembler in the archive which shows this ( see offset $0D77 )


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Here is a table I created on my whiteboard to help identify and map some of the resources before and after initialization.


SPRITE DATA: $4000-$47FF Bullets, Explosions, Manta Deployment Vehicle

SPRITE DATA: $4C00-$4FFF Manta Explosion

MINI GAME TILE DATA: $4800-$4BFF ( Before Initialisation ) $A600-$A9FF ( After Initialisation )

SPRITE DATA: $5000-$5BFF Manta

CHRSET: $5C00 - $67FF Super dreadnought tiles ( Before Initialisation ) $D400-$DFFF ( After Initialisation ) , This address range becomes Sprite data for the Manta's shadow ( generated during initialization ).

SPRITE DATA: $6800-6FFF Enemy sprites

CHRSET: $7000-$73FF

CHRSET: $7800-$7BFF

CHRSET: $7C00-$7DFF Minigame tiles ( Before Initialisation ) $D200-$D3FF ( After Initialisation )


The game uses an 8x8 character set which is then expanded/decompressed such that each letter/number requires 8x16 pixels.



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Anyone know how to get in touch with the author ?


Direct contact should not be a problem: https://twitter.com/uridiumauthor

All of the Hewson games are still © and the rights are in use. Most of them are owned by Rebellion Games.

Some though appears to still be with Hewson, see http://www.hypersentinel.com/.

Paradroid and some more are on my "Todo list" but I stopped when I realized there will be legal trouble ahead...

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