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RetroEngine Sigma


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its most likely retro arch, but it doesnt look like emulation station and retropie would have a hissyfit if someone commercially sold their retroarch with some glue scripts version


now the 16 gig version is being pledged for 70$, and your not going to buy a pi3, 16gig card, power supply, controller, a case that's a bit more than a ciggrette box with holes punched into it, have it all presetup for you and a management app for desktop or phones for that price


...so yea I can easily see how it raised a half million for this

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I believe the SBC used is this one:

which matches their specs and the 2 weird sideways USB connectors.... so it's mostly a (already existing) SW stack and a "nice" case. The AllWinner H3 on the SBC is not exactly powerful.

Even their special BT adapter seems nothing more than an el-chepo BT USB dongle wedged with this:
[a simple Micro USB to USB adapter needed because the OrangePi Lite USB OTG port is a micro USB connector]

Other than that I believe they developed some simple board/PCB or maybe direct wiring for the custom controlled led and 2 buttons via the GPIO header on the Orange Pi Lite board .... again not much to it really.

So in the end a "cheap" SBC running Armbian and Emulation Station, likely with a presetup/fix-name SMB share so you can "drop" your ROMs ..... as I said I hope you like the case and how they setup the button layout for the emulators of whatever USB controller they ship with it as it seems to me that that's all there is to it.

It may explain why they only needed 20K US$ to begin with, they likely needed to get the cases going, the rest are off-the-shelf parts and for the most part already existing SW (not sure about their android app to "upload games" to the thing, which as I already mentioned I suspect being a simple SMB share over WiFi).

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