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So I was looking at the celery in the 2600 game I had restarted work on. I had about 400 bytes left to work with. I thought to myself that the celery stalk was straight. A little too straight. And that it doesn't look like that in my bB movies starring the stalk of celery. So my job for today (actually later that day, it was after midnight when I worked on it last. Then I went to sleep and woke up at about 5pm or so.) was to make the celery rounded. That part was mostly easy, except for the fact that the eye moved. I spent two hours trying to put the missile initialization code in various places of the code to make the eye come up at the correct place. Finally, it worked. Except for one drawback: I thought the code hadn't worked on the actual 2600 because there was a black line at the right edge of the eye. So I went back to needless work trying to correct it. It finally dawned on me that it was my TV that was bad. Either that or my console. Because it was working fine on Stella. So I tried the b&w switch on my 2600. The black line on his eye went away (but, of course, the game was in completely black and white, but that's OK since I wanted it to be.) Funny thing: when programming missile x output, it's completely dependent where on the screen it lands by the part of the code it's in. So the first part of the code that draws the celery stalk looks like this:

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