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P R O ( C ) A T A R I - Issue 12 available now...


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Pretty good going as my package arrived today!


I like the new budget games box thin plastic case so doesn't take up much room, nice and colourful inlay. There is a download code for the games too if you don't play from a disk drive.

Laid flat this Medium T-Shirt is 50cm / 20" across (under the arm pits) and 72cm/28" tall (from the back of the neck to the base).


About issue 12 - I thought snicklins' Time for a Quickie column was the best one so far... should be called "Steve Under Siege" - find our what happened next issue (hopefully) :)

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Just forwarded a little something from an Ex-Atari UK Source over to pro-Atari for a future issue.

Thanks can you send this to myself please :thumbsup:


Looks like we will have double the page count, so please everyone type up something and send it, it can be short - e.g. just take a thread from atariage and write about it. Anything Atari related welcome; we really need hardware and technical stuff and we could run some programming pages too so how about an article or two on some assembler stuff. The next issue will be in a few months so plenty of time!


Don't leave me hanging :)

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It's in the hands of Markus, along with person's contact details so he can ask for photo's from the time period talked about.


It's another Ex-Atari Uk staffer talking (briefly) about his role/the scene in general and, the aspect that surprised me the most, Tramiel's reaction to his efforts to get UK games publishers to support the A8 range..


Would of liked to of been able to offer more content for future issues, but trying to find new faces and fresh content about the UK A8 scene, is proving nigh on impossible.

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