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SNES Super Scope

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I just got one of these things. Overpaid, but not by very much if you count shipping on eBay (the thing is huge.) I also picked up a Yoshi's Safari cart. I thought the stupid thing wouldn't work but then I plugged it into the second controller port and it worked then, but I couldn't choose a 1P game in Yoshi's Safari (thus not making it work correctly.) This thing is frustrating me! But since it's such an oddball item, I just had to have it. Are there any homebrew SNES games that use it?

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Man, I enjoyed the heck out of my Super Scope 6 as a kid. I even have about half of the compatible games (Bazooka Blitzkrieg, Hunt For Red October, Battle Clash, Super Scope 6, Yoshi's Safari). Super Scope 6 is a blast with all of the little mini games on it. However, even as a kid, I had to stop playing every 20-30 minutes and take a quick break or get up and move around as it can be a bit fatiguing staring down the sights on the Super Scope while having it perched up on your shoulder.


With all of the complaints I've heard about the Super Scope, mine must be the most used example in existence. I rocked that thing through most of the 90s. I still have it to this day, along with all my game cartridges for it.

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I last had a complete one in box I found at a flea probably 3 years ago. I used it for a little bit but never got the added games other than the pack-in. I was using it on a NES Sharp TV but once i got rid of it a little over 2 years ago I ditched the SS6 because I couldn't play anymore. It had a great line-up of games, comparable in quantity to the Zapper but quality probably a little better with the given variety. Shame Nintendo was so afraid of the stupid lazer tag getting cops shooting kids stuff they went with an obscenely annoying and heavy over time bazooka to play with. Probably would have been better off with a comical looking super soaker pistol design.

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