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Atari libraries and demos for music/audio


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I don't know if I've ever seen this published elsewhere. I was digging around in my archives today and found some old Atari files which includes docs, demos, and tools for including audio and music in Jaguar games, so I thought I would share it here. I haven't tried any of this code myself, but apparently there is a simple "drop-in" example of "O Canada" if someone wants to add a Canadian touch to a program.


I actually have a Jaguar developer MIDI board attachment which I have never tried out. It came with some floppies that included these files. Enjoy! :)


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Thanks a lot for this ! From a very brief look into the docs, it looks like there was an additional layer of automation to the whole process, compared to the version I have on my HDD (which was, like, 3 pages, so I've always postponed it for later).


And I've recently ran out of the excuse that I'll get to integrate the audio to my engine only after I start working with GPU, so this is indeed great timing ;)


Thanks for sharing ! :thumbsup:


EDIT: Just checked out the JAZ macros. Oh, YEAH. Now, that's some GOOD STUFF :)

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