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Steven and the Great Demon Invasion


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So Ive finally gotten back to work on one of the game projects I started and I plan to hopefully actually finish this one this year.


You play as Baby Steven (my son :) ) and must escape the invasion of demons from under your bed in an attempt to reach your parents so they can put an end to your nightmares!


Game is Puzzler in which every time you move the enemies move to block your escape. You only get so many moves so you must use them wisely.


So far I have the title screen and level 1 but I need to figure out how to do the moves counter and I need to make better character graphics lol


Anyways here is what it looks like so far





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Thx :) I like the way the heads turned out, I'm not much of an artist tho lol, don't really like the crawling baby I made and I snagged that spider from somewhere :P

Ha! I thought that spider looked familiar! Gets everywhere that bloody thing.


A trick I do with that spider, is have 3 different sprites, 2 with legs moving in different ways, the third the same, but shift the sprite down or up by 1 pixel to simulate the spider bobbing up and down..... the 64-character codes are copied from sometimes99er's patterns program (thanks karsten!) to chars 112,116,120 and a little variable, called W, is set to 112 on introduction to the sprites on the screen. Then whenever the player does anything (and inbetween waiting for the joystick action) the spider animated with W incrementing by 4 every time, kind of like this;


1100 W=W+4 :: IF W>120 THEN 1101 ELSE 1110

1101 W=112

1110 CALL SPRITE(#1,BABY,16,BX,BY,#2,W,13,100,-16) :: RETURN


This subprogram would keep track of the baby's whereabouts and the spider just animates whilst in automotion .. for other screen it's mapped to an array called A1(xx).

But you get the gist of the machination involved with it. Great fun. Looking forward to seeing your game in action.

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Well I couldn't get a good looking baby so Steven is a baseball cap wearing kid :P changed spider out for two headed demon and removed text from gameplay screen. Didn't really need it to tell you what level your on and instead of move counter each time you move the demon head on top of the screen will move closer to Steven on the bottom :)


So here's alittle video. Next up adding controls!


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Well I didn't like it being slow turn based so unlike the game I based this off I'm making this real-time gameplay. The Demon head starts racing toward you as soon as the level starts so you have to think quick and move! Also got player movement done. Next I need to limit movement to gameboard and make the enemy move.


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Ok I did alittle more but still not 100% sure how to limit movement to the green squares :/ anyways here's another little video. Stevens jabbering in the background :P



And here's a .dsk, .hfe, and my code if anyone wants to check it out :) maybe one of our resident coding genius's could tell me how to limit movement to the green squares :)



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