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Decent controllers for Android OS?


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I'm looking for advise on finding a decent Android controller. I've seen cheap ones and I've seen super expensive ones with mixed

reviews across the board. There was a cheap nunchuck style one that came with my son's VR helmet but it's junk. I've tried using

the sixaxis PS3 enabler app and it didn't work. I'm not looking to root the device either. I have PS3 and PS4 controllers on hand

that I would love to use if possible. If not I'm looking to spend around $25 on a new controller. Linked here is a $10 cheap one:




If anyone has experience with that one I'd love to hear some feedback. If you have other ideas with first hand experience

I'm all ears :)





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I considered that one, but thought to spend a bit more and get a gamesir, which has glowing reviews all over the place, and my experience is totally 180, I have a thread in the emulation section but a quick recap of the gamesir g3f


they sent me the wrong one, did not have the pc dongle, it wont work as a bt controller on pc (my point was I could use it on my android device and my pc to save clutter)

their support email was broken for almost a month

they replied to me then vanished


finally, now that I have had it a couple months, about 40% of the time I turn it on it locks up during connecting, to the point where the only way to turn it off and try again is to either let its battery die, or find a paperclip to press the reset button, oh yea its laggy as shit too


so I seriously doubt a 10$ controller could be any worse, if you do get it, I would like to hear about it, but F gamesir

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I use an older model steelseries mobile. It's more on the tiny side of things but it works. Two sticks, L/R buttons, the usual four on the face along with a d-pad and a couple middle buttons there too. Basically a mini SNES controller with two analog joysticks.



I paid less than half the price that the manufacturer is asking for it.

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