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A new tagline maybe?


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I was just talking to a friend of mine who is helping me to program a game on the commodore. Somehow, the topic of the Pc masterrace came up. I guess because we were on a pc, an ancient one, but a pc. Anyway, he came up with something: If the PC Gamer can claim to be PC Master Race, then why can't a retro gamer have a title? We should really, considering that some of our machines practically began the game industry. Then we thought of "Retro Royalty", and maybe making a club of some type for it, or at least adding some kind of membership/forum thing to my website. I thought it sounded dumb, but hey, it's just a thing. It's nothing serious, just a play on words for something that we like to do. (I play games on PC also) What do you think? Is it stupid?

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