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atari 800 no video


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Hey I got an 800 that starts up but no video. It worked fine once last night after 30 minutes of trying to get it to work and today it's back to the black screen.

I checked the boards for any possible loose chips that would need adjusting. Every time I turn it on it goes from static to solid black. Open to ideas

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If you leave the computer off for an hour or so, does it always do the same thing when you start it up? When the screen goes black,

you can turn off the computer, pull all the RAM and ROM cards out and then feel them for any excessively hot chips.

One thing you may want to do while you have all the RAM and ROM cards out:

Clean the connector edges of all the cards with a good pencil eraser. Makes sure all the chips are seated properly (do this by

pressing each chip down) then put all the cards back in (make sure the chips all face towards the back of the computer).

You may want to shuffle the RAM cards around too. If that doesn't help, I hope you're comfortable with opening up the computer.



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