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PSU warning!


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Guys - I've just had a bit of a shock and think it's worth sharing here...


I have a Lynx 2. Rediscovered it in the loft a year back and whilst delighted was reminded how awful the screen contrast was. Well, a new one from McWill and it is now everything it ever should've been. I've bought a few new games and am loving playing on it again.


The PSU I've been using is the one I had with it in the first place and was a 'proper' Lynx one rated at 9v. Seems to work fine but I've been starting to think I should check it - not in the least with a few on here painfully experiencing their Lynx going (quite literally) pop.


I measured the voltage across the PSU out and nearly had a fit - 14v!!! It may well be it drops to the correct level with load but no thank you. I cut the lead off it and am now using with a regulated supply at 7.5v (I haven't upgraded/replaced the power reg components in mine and this seems a happy medium as 6v flashes the power light).


So if you haven't checked recently, get a multimeter and test the voltage across the power plug.


Safe Lynxing...


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But surely it shouldn't be "normal" for the original Lynx one? I tried it with 1M resistor across it and it only dropped 0.3v. When the Lynx is off it still draws current but only a little which means even if when on it does get down near 9v it still has one hell of a voltage shock when it's switched on.


Either way I thought it was worth mentioning so others can consider the risk themselves. My Lynx is in mint condition and has a McWill screen fitted - I could really do without it going bang for the sake of a new power adapter.

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I use a Radioshack 9V brick. It measures 10V under load, 10V loaded. A far cry from say a "9V" NES/SNES Yobo adapter that measures 14V no load / 13 volts under load (with console plugged in). Just buy a switched power supply and everything works great. Better not to over stress those 30 year old regulators with excess voltage on the input. I haven't met a vintage power brick yet (well very rarely) that isn't well over the rating on the nameplate. :o

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