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Sega Dreamcast battery question


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I've been bugged for the last month with my DC I picked up beeping at me so I went and ordered a holder+LIR2032 kit late last week and it arrived today. It was a problem getting it in there due to my bad luck with the old battery (pins got stuck in 2 of the holes.) Anyway I got it cleared out and the holder in, and then it spooked me as I got the battery in the light fired up for a few moments then went off. That took me by surprise when my detached board in my clip holder lit up like that. Replaced the thing fast, attached what needed and screwed it back shut.


Thankfully it worked fine, left it on for over 2 hours between running some music (2CD Johnny Cash set) and then 3 stages of Super Magnetic Neo. The battery retained the data afterwards so it's looking good.


Most of what I could read online says the LIR2032 is the best fit but it does have a slightly higher voltage than this other one a few particular people were going on about the ML2032 (3v.) They would say it's barely within tolerances on when it should know to discharge/recharge trying to scare me and others into thinking it could pop or jack up the DC. Is there any ruling or idea on this if it's bs or not? And if not, what's the odds? Should I really dump the LIR and find the other or should I just leave well enough alone?

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