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New7800HSC-Season 1 Game 6: Kung-Fu Master


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7800 Kung-Fu Master (sorry for my mistake on the subtitle; it's Round 6) - 8,100

2600 Kung-Fu Master (bonus) - 57,620


Since I'm not a fan of Kung-Fu Master, I will let 7800 HSClubers win this round. Let the ball rolling on this HSC!


post-24681-0-94259100-1485476747_thumb.png post-24681-0-52195700-1485476754_thumb.png

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The the thing that bothers me about this port, besides not using two buttons, is the way the enemies move towards you at a constant speed- whether you're walking or standing still, they ignore the scrolling background and move in like a tractor beam. No cutscenes, no voices, nothing but the bare minimum effort programming. OK, rant off.


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Atari 7800: 27,260


Atari 2600: 51,380



I once read that the Atari 7800 had a special lockout mechanism that, if the cartridge didn't have the proper authentication, the MARIA chip would be disabled and the game would start in Atari 2600 mode. Otherwise, the MARIA chip would activate and the game would boot in Atari 7800 mode.


If you ask me, it's almost like the Atari 7800 version was programmed in a time-saving manner by having the Atari 2600 version programmed to take advantage of MARIA!

...Wait a minute, 'programmed to take advantage of MARIA?' That really didn't sound right, did it?



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