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VCS Paddle Knobs needed


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Sent 5 knobs out to atari-dna on a very interesting deal. I am sharing this deal with you all in hopes it can inspire others to make similar deals.


Being inspired from our own Secret Santa candy request, I asked atari-dna if he would be so kind enough to pay for the knobs by just sending me some local snacks and candies from his state/area. Atari-dna graciously agreed and I as a sign of good faith I sent him out the knobs and a Texas candy bar out first and just left the rest to trust.


I will be sure to take a pic of whatever I get to show the group. I would not normally do this type of deal on any other board, but somehow I have been a member here at Atari age so long I feel very comfortable to be among friends and new ones as well.

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Greetings Gang,


Just wanted you all to know that I just got in my package from Atari-Dna with the local snacks that were sent to me!


I have to say I am blown away, we don't get any of these brands here in South Texas, so it has been great having a taste of snacks from Virginia!


I think this experiment has really encouraged me to try it again here on atari age for anyone else who may need small items that do not require money payments and can be settled with fun snacks.


Who knows maybe it will inspire us to create a snack club that sends out local snacks to other members who are doing the same for the people who joined it.


I will tell you that tasting snacks from other states has really got me thinking how much flavor we are missing! Ha ha.





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