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Power Lords graphics question


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I finally completed my Odyssey 2 US set with Power Lords today! Got the system in 2002, took this long to finally get everything for it. I had a question about the display for Power Lords though. I noticed there's a red bar at the top of the screen and some little red dots that appear in a line across the screen, same level as the top of the volcano. Is this normal? I noticed it both on the cart I have and on the multicart. A few youtube videos off the actual console show it too, so I'm guessing this is a normal thing, but I figured I'd see if anyone else notices this on their O2 system.


My console is, if it helps, the initial variant with the removable silver controllers. I also have a Voice, but it has the same display stuff going on with or without it.

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Oh good! I was concerned that something was wrong with my console. Interesting graphical artifacting - I wonder if it's supposed to suggest something in particular?


An O2 brotherhood would be cool too. My collection got built up surprisingly cheaply - an old coworker gave me boxed copies of about 2/3 of the library, local stores helped me fill out most of the remainder, I found Demon Attack and Atlantis at a yard sale for two bucks combined, and then the past year I found boxed copies of Killer Bees, Wall Street and Power Lords online to fill it out entirely. While I wouldn't mind grabbing CIB versions of the ten or so games I only have loose, it's a pretty low priority compared to actually having the set complete.

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Great way to get a complete collection on my book... cheap and near complete.


I actually got about 2/3 CIB with a CIB console and Voice from a Goodwill auction that for some reason I was the only bidder... all for $80 and including all the Master Strategy games and an Atlantis to boot. Later on I found a Demon Attack box with Manual in a lot and got the game on EBay for about $30. The rest I got through an AA member and Power Lords through EBay for $120 or so but it is mint!


BTW, let me know what boxes you need as I have about 6 or 7 extras-most with manuals.

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I always wondered about that line on Power Lords as well; glad to see that I'm not alone! am now just one short of a complete north American set as well (not all boxed) with a few imports as well; just need Sid and I'd be perfectly fine with just a

loose cart (already have the word book from a lot).

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