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I found my old TeleLink II cartridge yesterday while rooting around in my attic. When I plugged it into my 800

lo and behold, there were two phone numbers from a couple of local BBS's that we used to download from.

The two seven digit phone numbers have been patiently waiting these last 33 or so years to be used again.

Ok, before I tear into the TeleLink II cartridge to see about downloading the contents, what did they use to

save the phone numbers? If there is any interest I can post a picture of the opened cartridge so the 'guts'

will be laid bare for all to see.



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I know all the chips in there but one, The X2212D. I looked it up. It's a Static Non volatile RAM chip.

Never heard of anything like that in the early 1980's, so I intend to do some more research. I'll get back

to you all (notice I didn't say ya'll) in a bit.



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