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Arcade Pacman - On an Atari?


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Hi All,


I hope I'm posting on the right forum here, but bear with me.


Back in the 80's I remember playing Pacman in a small video arcade on a cross-channel ferry (England to France) - Nothing unusual about that you say.


But what I remember is that the screen was horizontal, Blinky was Purple and yes, I was the Atari 8-Bit computer version of pacman housed in a video cabinet. I remember putting money in to pay for a game, rather than for time (unlike a Max-a-Flex Cabinet where you pay for time). I also remember getting killed pretty quickly so I'm sure it was Harder than the home computer version.


Has anyone else stumbled across such a version? I'm guessing it was probably a hacked up max-a-flex system with a patched version of Pacman to handle the monetisation of the game, I['d be intrigued to now how wide-spread such hacks/kludges were, and if anyone else had spotted one (so I know I'm not dreaming) ;) :sleep:



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