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My favorite chip lifter


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This one. I can't tell you how many times I have used this....and even recently to pull a stubborn Denise chip from an Amiga 500 for an Indivision ECS Scandoubler/Flickerfixer installation. It always pulls chips (or I should say prys them out) with ease, and never so much as a bent leg. Of course you have to pry the chip carefully as with any other chip, but using just about every solution over the years this has become my tool of choice. Just figured I'd throw this out there and see what other people use (or like more) and why.

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This is what I have been using for years (well, probably not this exactly one):




However, I need the chip puller you linked. Definitely better than using a small flathead screwdriver for parts I can't remove using the chip puller linked above.





I have used that one Al, and it is good of course but always got me scared to use as you just "yank" the chip out. I like to go easy :) You should definitely try the one I linked if you have been using small screwdrivers however. It has the curve to get it lifted easily. With the Denise chip for example, I was blocked by the RF shield to get on the other side of the chip. I had the option to remove the board, RF shield (big pain, many hex bolts holding it on) or just try to get it done from one side. This tool allowed that to happen by lifting, moving in and lifting again....all from one side of the chip with no leg or other damage. It is such a simple tool but one that I live by. I have been using this same tool since I think the late 90's :)


Here's a guy using both yours and mine actually:


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Thanks for posting! I've been looking for a good one!



No problem! I actually pulled all of the chips from a board recently in record time using it....with no damage to the board or any of the chips. I used to struggle before this (many many years ago) and figured Id share the knowledge. I see so many videos of people using mini screwdrivers and then having to bend legs back into place and wonder what they are thinking :) Such a simple tool....but some people just don't know about it.

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