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Determined to do what I wanted to, I started with version 44 and rewrote the stuff I had in version 45. It only took me a few hours to get a working version, which was weird. Then I worked for a few more hours, getting a version 44a. I went to sleep happy that I had finally got some form of life counter in there. This was at 6pm or so. I went to sleep for 12 hours (I had only 5 the night before since I had been working on this game), and at 7am woke up to find SpiceWare had added a number counter instead of my dots I had been using. So I went with that one, changed a few things, and now I have a new, working version 46. If I get this released, I'm going to add him as co-programmer in the credits in a manual. One of the things I can't do since I have no room for it, is add a way to increase the life counter. Why not make it 4k? This was to see if I could make a half-way decent game in 2k. That, and I don't know how to bankswitch to 4k yet. By the way, I have an idea for my next Odyssey 2 game. It'll be based on Crazy Taxi, where you pick up passengers and take them where they want. But unfortunately, this is in the time where there's huge monsters invading the city. So not only do you have to get the people to the right place, you also have to dodge the giant monsters. This is just an idea at this point, no actual programming has been done on it yet. I guess I get so frustrated with programming things since I need to take a programming class, but I doubt there are any for 6502 programming, a 30-year-old machine. When you can learn how to program great-looking games, who would bother wanting to learn how to make a block move across a plain screen? I, for one...

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