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I had heard about and wanted oddly enough for a long time, some text with number Atari 2600 games. I read from AtariAge's page on it here that they only did this with nine releases in the first year. So if that's true, then why does "Video Olympics" have the number 21? Shouldn't it have gone no higher than 9? I see that its part number is CX-2621, but why? Confusing. Anyway, I actually for the first time got two of these labels of this style at the store today. 01 Combat and 21 Video Olympics. I dunno. Makes me want to if I ever release Cellar-y Celery make it a green text label with "02 cellary celery" written on it. My Atari 2600 has been having a hard time working. When I try to turn it on, sometimes the image flashes and then shuts off, even though the switch is on. Other times, it displays weird lines, even with my Harmony cart. I tried to remove the static from the picture, and the channel switch selector wasn't working. I flipped it to 2, but there still was a picture on channel 3. But something finally clicked with it and I got a nice, clear picture with the thing. I don't know what channel my TV is on because it's so old the channel number displayer must have broken. But the image displaying part still works, so I use it with all my game consoles and watch TV on a second flat screen. I have two TVs in my bedroom. Is that weird? And a computer. So that's three monitors in a small room.

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