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Possible Atari Sighting In "Homeland" ?


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Ok, so either I need to go to Specsavers, or I'm claiming a first spot on this one...

Homeland - Season 6, Episode 4 - "A Flash Of Light"
kinda thinking the episode title shoulda been "A Flash of Cream"
because it's possible...hmm maybe that there's a 1200XL in there - it could well be a laptop with the lid down...and the light just "caught it right"
but it's spooky how it resembles a 1200XL
this is the scene where Peter Quinn breaks into the house across the street.
I've tried to get stills - but they ain't great
i've also included a video link below - only briefly appears @ 22:14 - 22:18
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I'd say its a box with the lighting / angle giving the impression of a keyboard, the 'cart slot' is most likely a badge..

The 1200Xl has no cart port on the top anyway. if it were an XL, it would have to be 600/800xl.

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Miker ,


It is NOT possible Prototype 1200XLS in that film. Why ? Too valuable to be damaged in any way of this fragile any Prototype Atari items. No way ..


I recently looked up in full film in full HD. It is hard to tell if it is Dell laptop or Atari 800XL. Looks weird ....

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