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Anyone here into Podcasts?


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Hellooooo there y'all!


Not sure if this is the correct place to advertise podcasts, so if not, feel free to shift it to the appropriate place (or in the bin? :-D )


I'm sure some of my podcasting chums are on here, too.


Anyway -


The new Ten Pence Arcade Podcast #80 is now availaible for your ears...


Get it, and wonderful shownotes, links, listener scores and beautiful pictures at http://www.tenpencearcade.co.uk

or, if you prefer, subscribe to us on iTunes or one of those other fangled pod things.



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Hey Virtvicviper.. Sean and I have a Pie Factory page in the Websites and Publications forum. Most podcast entries are over there. I'd suggest changing the name of this thread so that your listeners can find TenPence here easier. Sean and I have our own Pie Factory page, and we announce it on our show from time to time.

And watch out for snakes.

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