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atari 2600 red and blue scewwn problem


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It makes things easier If you know the tv is tuned to Ch. 2 or 3. Then toggle the channel switch on the Atari - some tvs till tune in garbage on 3 when the Atari is on 2. leading to frustration.

After that - clean the cart and the cart slot (google). Or clean a cart and work it in and out of the slot a dozen times. If you can't get something to come up - the first thing to do it reset the cart.



I am new to this. just found my old atar 2600. when i power up the screen is red and blue vertical lines . i bought a new power plug and a rf connector for tv I am doing something wrong. Pleas help if possible. thankyou in advance.

This sounds A LOT like dirty cart contacts.


If that doesn't work, theres always more people willing to help.SmallWavingHappy.gif

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Are you sure your games, console and tv match?

IE: NTSC for north America and pal for u.k. / eastern Europe.

Where are you and where did you buy the games/2600?


And the RF adapter? Is it a switch box or a RCA to coax adapter?


Also, type of TV?

new flat screen, old crt?

Some tv made in the last five years can't tune an analog signal.

Or interpret 240P.


Getting old stuff to work with new screens is the bane of vintage gamers - but there is always a way! SmallWavingHappy.gif


And can you edit title to screen instead of scewwn?icon_pirate.gif

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