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HFS cd image to use in CiderPress


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Got my Floppy Emu this weekend and have learned a lot about Mac's already. My 1 GB hard drive no longer works, which is probably why I put the 80 MB back in a few years ago. I think the 1GB drive may have had the CD Rom driver on it since it is a third party drive. I have learned that you can't just download stuff and drop it on a floppy image. Mac's are very picky about the way the file is stored with attributes. Using HFV Explorer, I have had about 50/50 luck with downloading files and having them be recognized when I try to put them onto a Mac floppy. Ciderpress lets you copy the file when HFV Explorer doesn't, but that doesn't mean you can use the file when it gets to the other side. I finally got Stuffit to work with some .sit files, but I don't think I got it to work with hqx files on my actual Mac yet. I then installed Basilisk II and was able to install newer System 7.5.5 and have more hard drive space. I still run into problems though. I tried to get King's Quest V to work, but it just gets stuck on the title screen. Seems like everything I try to do is buggy. I did get Prince of Persia to work on my Mac LC III from my Floppy Emu. At least I can play games that fit on floppies. Also, I found a site that sells SCSI to SD converters, so I am tempted to get one so I can have a large hard drive (up to four 4GB drives). Before I do that though, I want to see if I can get my CD ROM working. So far it just doesn't show up at all. It doesn't have a brand name on the case anywhere, so I might have to open it up and see what's inside so I can find the right driver to drop in the extensions folder.

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