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Multiple GROM simulator

fabrice montupet

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As I cannot edit my words, "your" is an edit not "you". I am learning a lot of the things I did not understand in 1986. As Assembly was my mantra to control the TMS9900 and the VDP. The GPL language was not on my horizon as Assembly meant control and clarity. Now I see GPL, CRU and other aspects of TI's foray into the outer boundaries of the CPU as ways of teaching us how to make control of mechanisms as a way to push boundaries of understanding not just as a CPU design. The ideas of Ternary computing was present in their approach. The Binary paradigm has now been over and ternary computing was to be the new thing, as shown in Quantum Computing. As an artist I only interpreted the timeline so I can understand my position in its movement, 1986 to 2022, this is a large gap where a lot of life that has occurred. This is why I pursue Ternary ideas in relation to computing, life has taught me to always look at the third option. Regards Arto.


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