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I decided to try and get the top off my Game Boy so I could clean the dust under there. I mistakenly thought you'd need screwdrivers to do that, so I ordered some three wing screwdrivers off eBay. Well, turns out I didn't need them all that much. I tried once more and the top came off and I was able to get all that icky ickies out of there. Now I need to attach the top back on. I'm at a loss of what glue to use. I saw someone on a YouTube video using sandpaper, I guess he was doing that to remove the glue. But man it was hard, it took me multiple times to try and get under it to pull it open. So now my Game Boy is clean and neat. Next order of business: Make a website for the Oranges game I'm working on for the Game Boy. Done. It's orange. It's groovy. Look at it. I played a bit of the game for a few seconds on a Game Boy with a nice clean screen. It makes a difference. I might even now use it as my primary Game Boy. I've been using a Game Boy Color using the bw color code (left+b) held down at the start. Like for the Game Boy games I got in the mail today. In case you haven't noticed, I've been on a Game Boy collecting kick lately. And why not? The games are small. Smaller than a boxed DS game. Funny that I don't care if a Game Boy game doesn't come with a box but preter to have DS games in boxes. That's not to say I don't have any Game Boy boxes. I have three of the launch tiles' boxes: Baseball, Tennis and Super Mario Land. What's more I'll be getting some three winged screwdrivers in the mail next week. Groovy,

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