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Broken Heavy Sixer


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Recently fired up my heavy sixer after 5 years. The picture was very grainy. I cleaned RF cable top no avail. Then moved on to bigger and better things for whatever reason. Eventually broke a pin off in the cable in the attached picture. Can I salvage this part from a light sixer? From what I've seen in youtube videos it doesn't seem so. Thanks in advance!


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hey, i'm onto a nice kit with 26awg wire for this. the exact measurement is 2.54mm pin pitch.

Does anyone know any reason 26awg wire would not be appropriate.

Chassis/bundled wire spec for copper 26awg is 1.3 amp and the system draws 500amp based on the base 7802 power regulator and nowhere near 1amp with the RGB mod at all.

I had a friggin flat mylar cable SOLDERED into an otherwise pristine H6er and have been seeking a replacement for the missing 12 pin port and a wire to match. I could not figure out the exact original housing/port part.

I think this kit is good to go, can anyone tell me if they forsee something I dont. 23456595_10214665836582290_1220475386358

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