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File Variations: a, a1, a2, k-file, etc. - What do they mean?

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some explanation you can find here - TOSEC naming convention.


In general, [a1],[a2],... are used to distinguish between different alternatives of the same type of atari software image. You can get a game in form of a binary load file (.xex), but each alternative can contain slightly different data, or the internal structure of the binary load file can be different (e.g. single-segment vs. multi-segment).


These alternatives come from different sources (publishers, crackers, hackers), have been modified (compressed, stripped of title screens etc.) or otherwise processed.


Closest to the original are usually (but not always) files without any extra information in the square brackets or parenthesis.

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Also, don't be mistaken when you see v3 v6 etc, its almost always just means version / alternative rather than meaning the higher the number means the better or later the version is. ie v9 means its one of 9 possibly 10 versions of the same file with normally subtle variations in the crack or an intro is added etc etc, the game itself is normally exactly the same throughout...

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