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Night Driver question


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I am pondering trying to look for a Night Driver cockpit sometime in the future here and I am wondering if this fiberglass game comes apart in the middle for transport and moving? I think I have seen pictures of these apart before for storage and such and there is a definite seam where the seat connects to the main unit. I would think that these almost had to be taken apart for moving to keep from damaging them.

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Yes, the seam you see here by the pedals, is exactly where it comes apart. Unscrew the two bolts on each side and it slides apart. We had one BITD and took quite a while to sell IIRC. Was a tough sell by the late 80's. lol



Thank you! That means it would fit in my Astro van then if I find one. Also, since it is lighter to begin with, it would make moving one of these a lot easier than my Red Baron cockpit. Ugh, still have nightmares about that one...

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As save2600 said yes they do come apart. There are 6 bolts under the coin door on the right which you may have to remove the shifter plate to get to if you cant loosen them from the back. If you just want to split the cab then there are 2 more bolts on the left floorboard that need to be removed these are normally carriage bolts so they can be difficult to remove if it's been sitting awhile. I had to cut a grove in the top of the bolt so i could stick a flat screwdriver in there and get the leverage to break the nut free and keep it from spinning. If you need to remove the angle iron that runs down the left side that the bolts run through there are 4 more bolts. Here's a picture of mine with just the front half



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