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What's Wrong with my Pong?

Hxd Ped

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I can't get this Pong system to work. When you turn it on and press the reset button, all you get is static from the speaker, if you're lucky, and no picture.


The batteries had leaked, so I cleaned it up the best I could. I got it to work for about a day, but then it just died again. I replaced the battery holder because the terminals were very corroded. That did nothing. I opened it up to see if the batteries had leaked on something inside. (They hadn't: the inside is VERY clean.) I tried bypassing the reset switch to no avail. I tried bypassing the power switch to no avail.

I have NOT tried replacing the capacitors because I haven't had time to get to an electronics store. They look fine, no bulging or leaking, but I know that doesn't mean they're good.

I don't know if these pictures will help. I can take more if anyone would like them.


Thank you,

Hexed Pedestrian



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how are you connecting it to the TV ? slider switch or coax adapter ? http://atariage.com/howto/connect.html newer model flat-panel or a classic CRT ?


have you tried the "battery eliminator" (make sure it's 6V DC center positive) when that unit is plugged into console it will disconnect any power coming from the batteries ( so worth checking for a point of failure )


you should have great sound but I have had these come with a bad speaker.

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I'm hooking it up to my TV directly. For the single day I had it working, that's how I had it hooked up. (I hook my Intelevision up this way all the time.) I have not tried any kind of AC adapter.

Here are some more pics. You can see the replacement battery holder. The wires aren't hooked up because I didn't bother hooking them back up after I took it apart the last time.

As an experiment, I took the AC jack out of the circuit. It did no good.

As I was taking pictures, I noticed something on the board. Flux residue maybe? I put an arrow pointing to it.

Is there anything you'd like me to focus on and take more pictures of?

More pics in the next post.







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that switch inside the console is a channel selector switch , normally to access it is a rectangle hole under the battery box you replaced,


does it work on channel 2 ? I dunno how many time I was fiddling with stuff & forgot to plug the RF cable in or something silly , while opened up try a different RF cable as well.


member: Keatah would know more about them resistors you were pointing to ;)

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