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It takes lots of work to be an idiot. In 2000, I started a magazine for myself called "Idiotic Magazine." It was 12 pages long. The first issue that I have here says it's the fifth issue, so there's at least 4 missing. Probably gone and accidentally thrown away. How sad. But I saved two issues I saw from the mysterious bin out in the garage full of papers I'd never seen before and disappeared: September 2000 and October 2000. Then in 2014 I decided to make some. The only issues I made that year were January and October. Well, it had been a few years, and I've attempted to make a few more since, but I just couldn't quite do one, let alone make it monthly like I used to. This is the April 2017 attempt. It's the special April Fools' edition. The first thing to do was get the diagonal lines of the 2000 issues working. Microsoft Word or whatever I used back then in 2000 was different, and you could do cooler stuff with it. Since you now have to SUBSCRIBE to Word (surprise!) now, I downloaded a free alternative: Libre Office. This thing is cool. It lets you make a tile pattern picture the background of a table cell. So I made the "MAGAZINE" box a one-celled table. Next part was getting the tile pattern image correct. It took 4 tries of moving the lines to get it correctly looking like long diagonal lines. I had a previous attempt from September 2016 on my computer. The page-long poem wasn't timely (it was about Autumn.) So I replaced it with one that isn't about a specific time so in case I never finish this issue, at least I'll have a poem for it. But I am determined to finish this for April 2017 because I want to. Here's the cover so far. The cover story about cod is going to be entitled "oh my cod." "I, i, it cod" is an anagram of "Idiotic." you try making a better anagram from the word "idiotic."

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