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Do you think Nintendo will ever sell switch docks by themselves?

Rick Dangerous

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Do you think Nintendo will ever sell game docks by themselves? It seems like a logical solution when the guts are in the tablet itself.


For example, back in my N64 days I had one in 3 rooms in my house. It would be nice if I could just throw three docks around my house and just slide in my switch wherever I am gaming.


If not i might just try calling customer service in a month to say a horse stepped on my dock and I need to buy a new one. Alternatively as people wind up dropping and breaking the switches in mobile mode there should be a surplus of docks available on ebay and the second hand market a few months down the road.


If they figure out people are doing that I wonder if there is some sort of system to tie a dock to a console via serial number and not allow creative users to do this....


Seems like the way to go but i get they would rather just sell three individual consoles to each house and NOT let you move your save data between them..LOL Nintendo.


But seriously what are your guys thoughts on "my littul scheme"

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Sweet. That is a major bonus.


May be a real cost saver for some folks that like to game various places around the house. They should be marketing this more and selling the docks in stores not just on their online shop. This kind of thing is a big deal for penny pinching millennials and parents.

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So did I. I thought the switch was by it self they were saying and you had to buy the dock separately.

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