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Blaster Master Zero

Rick Dangerous

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Watched the preview for this today and it got my retro senses tingling. Played a TON of this on the NES back in the day. This looks like a perfect revamp with that 16/32 bit 3D feel. Anyone picking this up day one like I will be? Hoping for a physical release though not sure that will happen.


Anyone else stoked about this one?

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I'm not a digital buyer but rarely, and this is a confirmed pick up with no doubts in my mind about it. I went and fired up the NES game after watching the clip days ago and I was surprised I got as far as the area 2 boss before i croaked as it's been a very long time and it's a very hard and twisty(confusing to progress) game as it is.

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I just beat this game tonight. I had an absolute blast with it and look forward to playing it again. It took nine hours but I didn't do a 100% run so I didn't get the alternate ending. My only gripe with the game is the controls can get extremely aggravating at times. The game tries to predict what you want to do and it only works sometimes which leads to deaths. Still well worth the price though.

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