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5200 HSC Season 10 Round 3 Defender (+)


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Our game for round 3 is Defender. Play on NORMAL setting, or #2 on keypad at start menu. Emulation is fine, as are custom controls. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records.

Round ends Sunday, March 19th 2017 @9pm EST


Almost forgot: Bust the current HSC record in this game for a bonus point!

Defender - (Normal)
JacobZu7zu7 1,785,875 BUSTED
Current- 2,059,050 Nuclear Pacman


Final scores:


2,059,050 Nuclear Pacman +1+11=12

737,825 sdamon +10+8=18

175,125 Northcoastgamer +9+7=16

326,225 oyamafamily +8+2=10

91,600 eegt97 +7+6=13

85,700 roadrunner +6+5=11

28,650 atariron82 +5+3=8

16,750 RangerG +4+4=8

7,150 jblenkle +3

-0- zylon 0+1=1


Bonus half round: Stargate (or Defender II) We've never run this one so we'll break it in gently. ;) Play on default settings and we'll see how it goes.


Stargate Final scores:


51,475 sdamon +8

33,750 Northcoastgamer +7

11,450 eegt97 +6

8,800 roadrunner +5

8,700 RangerG +4

7,975 atariron82 +3

4,675 oyamafamily +2

3,550 zylon +1


Both games are in the zip below.


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Defender Normal Skill 147,950

(Using Altirra Emulator, for participation points)


post-24681-0-88845900-1488937332_thumb.png post-24681-0-22673300-1488938086_thumb.png


@Zylon, my intention for this 5200 HSC regular season is to present my gameplay footage on some rounds just by special reason: I won 2 great prizes in 2016 - an Atari 7800 ProSystem VCS Console (April 2016) and an Edladdin Super 78 joystick (September 2016).

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@Nuclear Pacman, CONGRATULATIONS on breaking the new record on Defender Normal Skill.


Although there are NO BONUS POINTS for the best tips on this High Score Club, you are encouraged to provide and share tips / hints / strategy with the rest of all participants!

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