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Project Apple IIx (Apple IIe to Apple IIgs Upgrade kit)


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I have been working on a Apple IIgs project, I am calling it IIx after the original project name for the IIgs. I figured I would post it here so that people can see that neat things can be done with this old hardware.


Machine Started out as a //e to IIgs upgrade kit. I removed the original //e case and keyboard and replaced it with a IIe Platinum case and keyboard. I created my own badging and mounted the controller switches for the CFFA 3000 card in the lid. I also replaced the battery with a brand new Lithium cell.


Machine has the following installed:

  • CFFA 3k (USB cable remotes the USB drive to the rear of the machine)
  • AE TransWarpGS accelerator card
  • A2 Heaven 8megRAM/ROM card
  • AE Sonic Blaster Audio card
  • Uthernet II Network Interface card


I have not worked out what I am going to do for a monitor yet, but I have something in the works for a VGA adapter and a modern VGA monitor painted to look period correct.


So anyway here are some photos:









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