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Well I would call that a find in the wild

Professor Gull

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Well it pretty much IS just SIDE POCKET with the Minnesota theme added, perhaps they thought it would make it more desirable to Pool fans. Side Pocket has always been my go to Pool Game on NES / Genesis. First time I encountered it staying over at a friends back in the day, I ended up pretty much playing it all night lol. Nice purchase. Funny ever since I got into Everdrives / Flashcarts I started giving away / trading / selling original carts but SIDE POCKET (NES / Genesis) along with Mr. Do! (Colecovision) are two originals I will never part with since they just have too many good memories associated with them.


Anyway, nice pickup imho, looks to be in great shape

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I always was a fan of pool games, maybe cause I am horrible at the real thing but decent in game lol



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I played it and its pretty much Side Pocket. So after a few hours I think its a keeper. I was just more amazed to find it in such good shape. Those cardboard boxes are hell to keep decent.

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