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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - October 2017 - "I See the Yellow Cat and I Wann


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So for a while I've had this yellow cat that I've had in mind to look more Bubsy like. It was the place I stored my Bubsy kit cap.

Some orange spray paint was passed my way, I tried it out on the yellow cat, and liked it and went to work....

Looks better with the hat...

And decided till I can make a better one, how about the green exclamation mark from the second player Bubsy made with the same frog tape I used to cover the face during the painting. Made for a nice touch. Add a whiskey bottle for whimsicalness and there we go! :D

So anyway, a larger plushie of Bubsy that looks a bit closer to the character. One to add to the collection!

(Guess you can say the cat's orange themed for October!) ;)

Until next time Bubsy fans.

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