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2 Years ago I moved to a Log home on acreage. Sadly, my game room has been neglected. I have a bigger space for it than in the old house... an apt above my workshop.


I started the process of painting and unpacking my goodies since it has been so wet this winter.


Here is where I am at...



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A couple more pics ...


Years ago I acquired a Sears Atari POP display. Unfortunately, the gentlemen I got it from didn't realize the value and stored the side pieces (made from particle board) and such outside in a leaky carport here in the PacNorthWet. This essentially ruined them. So I have been re-purposing some IKEA shelves. I need to take better pics as some point.


Also need to fix my Imagic Store display.. It is finicky. Bad caps, PS, etc.. I dunno.



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Ok folks,


Update. I moved nearly 3 years ago... bigger home. No longer in the log Home... I really miss that place. Long story as to why I moved.


But... Finally got most of my game room unpacked. Here are some pics of the main area. I also have an area that I call the library. Basically, the library is the museum type place where I have all my classics on display. However, I find more and more that everyone congregates in the main area. If you see the pics, I think you'll understand why. Of course it's always a work in progress. It has changed a bit since these pics. I have more posters up and new monitors and more systems setup. Trying to find space for my Atari Kiosk.





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