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1040 STe disk read issues

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I've got a 1040 STe that is having intermittent disk read issues using the internal diskette drive.


These same disks have been verified as good on another STe.


On the problem machine, if I pop the disk out and back in again, it quite often finishes loading data successfully.




If it turns out to be some kind of controller issue, how hard is it to replace the diskette drive controller circuitry on an ST?

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It seems rather as mechanical problem. So, replacing drive should be first test - and that's easier than replacing controller chip.

I agree. I also think it's mechanical and likely a simple drive replacement.


just wondering though -- if it did turn out to be a circuitry problem, is it as easy to fix as swapping a chip on the motherboard?

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Here's a question:


What happens if you open the case on an external single-sided Atari diskette drive and replace the innards with a double-sided drive?


Would it actually work as a double-sided drive or is there a chip that needs to be changed too?

Yes. I’ve done that with a stock chinon FZ357 and it works perfect.

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NOS DS/DD - ? What that NOS means ? Waiting to use - so use it ..

Ahhh.... I think that you meant case in which drive is, not case of drive self :) Like SF 354 . Yes, replace whole drive.

NOS - New Old Stock.


So I took it apart.


It turns out that for this particular external drive, the power and data connectors are totally different than 'standard'. So it looks like the solution would be to just get a totally new drive and enclosure as you mentioned.

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