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5200 HSC Season 10 Round 4 Choplifter


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Our game is Choplifter. Play on default settings using any type of controls you wish. Emulation is fine and so is using the 1982 XL port, but do not use the XE version. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records. Round ends Sunday, April 2nd 2017 @9pm EST


Current HSC record: Bust it for a bonus point!


Choplifter! -
atariksi 62 people saved
NoahsMyBro 62 people saved (BUSTED)
64 Northcoastgamer
Final scores:


64 Northcoastgamer +1+11=12

62 eegt97 +10

60 sdamon +9

53 Nuclear Pacman +8

34 jblenkle +7

32 atariron82 +6

28 RangerG +5

27 MrBubble +4

15 roadrunner +3


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Yes 64 is. This definitely is a tough version. Best to fly low kinda skipping along slowly, stop n go. This way you can avoid the jets and the satellite UFO thing later on. By flying low you can also blast each of the the barracks open and quickly get right next to them, allowing all 16 to board quickly.

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I much prefer the 7800 version. I know the 5200 is basically a computer, but this version of the game really feels like an early computer game, like an Apple IIE or Spectrum, something like that. I dislike the graphics on this, plus there's quite a bit of slowdown.

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The 5200, 7800 and the CV versions are pretty much the same, save 64 hostages. Although the CV has 4 Skill Levels. The SMS and NES games were ported from Segas arcade rendition of Choplifter, not the original and incorporate scoring instead of rescuing 64 delegates. There is also a difference in what is displayed in the middle of the screen upon rescuing all 64 delegates. Doing so in the CV game, YOU WIN is shown, 7800: CONGRATULATIONS!, and 5200: MAGNIFICENT!. I'm curious as to what the original Apple ll game displayed upon doing so.

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I've always enjoyed this game ever since seeing it first on a greenscreen Apple 2. This really FEELS like an Apple 2 port with the slowdown as more bitmapped objects appear on-screen. Looks to be a quick port with not as much Atari 5200 hardware utilized as could be.


Nice choice!



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