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Floppy cable


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Is there a way to re-use the end connector?


Most of the IDC connectors once crimped have a sudo-locking mechanism to lock the back of the connector to the front of the connector. Most the time to remove it will break it so that the back piece will no longer lock.


The connectors can be had very cheap and are easily crimped with a C-Clamp as greg said or even a pair of plyers.


Also remember most 3.5 drives (new ones) do not have a drive select jumper and you will need to modify the cable anyway to get it to recognize as DSK1, DSK3 or DSK4. A straight through will default to DSK2.

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A ribbon crimping tool is pretty cheap, as is ribbon cable. I bit the bullet and just bought the connectors, cable and parts. Normally I'd offer to make one and mail it to you for free except I am overseas and the parts are in my garage. But it's a worthy tool and skill to have.

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The stuff U need... :) Don't use pliers or a C clamp - you'll just wind up busting more connectors... ;) (props however to those who made that work) LOL





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