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SNES Donkey Kong


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It's a great port. I was told by Shawn (who I believe still has a copy of Classic Kong for sale in his sale thread) that the company making these got a C&D from Nintendo and had to alter the game with a viking theme.

Thanks! I PM'd him.


I have this one and Thor, which is the Viking version. Thor is a great Winter game to play. The updated DK is really well done.

Can you post a link to this version? Sounds interesting.

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Cool, thanks for the vid. Seems Shawn sold his copy. Bummer. I really would like to play this on the TV. The Everdrive is more than I want to spend for a console I really don't use. I have a Williams games cart, the gameboy adapter, and the Mario Bros pack in, but never was a fan of that. The console came with my wife, it was her brothers, who passed away many years ago, so I keep it for her.

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Piko Interactive has the license on these now or something of the sort, but they're legally allowed to make carts, manuals, boxes for it along with quite a few other homebrew and unlicensed but finished old game projects.


From Nintendo too, It's hard to beleave Nintendo would let them do this

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Considering it's not using any of Nintendo's covered data or the rest, they can't. That's why it's called Classic Kong, they can't hold a right to the name KONG since it has been used with other properties (like King Kong which if I recall early 80s they had a lawsuit over too.) You can copy a stage design very close, mechanics, but if you change the IP level characters and iconic items, all they can do is sit back and let it go or be annoyed.


Nintendo seems pretty harsh at times on stuff, but fairly lax otherwise on other things though they won't say as much unlike Sega that's blatantly lazy about things (going as far as pushing those ATGames handhelds advertising it runs ROMS on a SD card.) Take that AM2K (Another Metroid 2 Remake) for PC. That was out there for years in development, never a word. When it came out, they only sent a C&D days later and it was only to the original host of the download, not the developer or his web domain. They gave fair warning after it was out, then only went direct when an update/bugfix was laid down like about a week or two later. Nintendo isn't that stupid or backwater and are very aware once anything is online it's going nowhere where they can erase or control it. I believe they were just doing it to cover their trademarks and the rest and did it as such with a delay. If they really were all that gung ho and vile about it, they'd have done what those d-bags at Square-Enix did a couple years back to that Chrono Trigger 2 sequel. Like AM2R, years in development, very public about it too, then when they announced a release date, S-E then sends a shut down notice straight to them days(week?) before the time and not just a passive C&D but a straight up no chanced we'll sue you into oblivion note so they didn't even sneak it out on the sly losing years of work. Nintendo could have done something ratty like that but chose not to so it made me question their reasoning since.

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