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Sears Heavy Sixer Before and after Pictures


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Before post-38115-0-84166400-1490751123_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-22241000-1490751262_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-06228500-1490751326_thumb.jpg

After post-38115-0-45899600-1490753573_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-23321500-1490753644_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-52501500-1490753717_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-14293200-1490753542_thumb.jpgpost-38115-0-32259400-1490755240_thumb.jpg


Got this a few years ago and decided this winter it was time to clean it up and get it working right. It did technically work but not very good and the switches were extremely stiff. I started with taking the switches apart and cleaning and lubing them. After that I polished them with 0000 steel wool and metal polish and put on new foam dust shields. I then cleaned the cartridge port and replaced the caps and voltage regulator with one of Mojoatomics refresh kits. The RF cable was cut so I decide to replace it with a piece of rg6 coax, at anytime I can replace it with a factory cable. The out side was filthy, it was covered in nicotine, fuzz and cat hair :woozy: Cleaned it and did a touch up on some of the worn paint areas. It now works and looks great, It also matches my Burl Walnut Sony Trinitron very good. I am really amazed how well the rf picture can look





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