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Anyone might help me fix a PS4?


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Hi all,



I was hoping someone might help me with a playstation 4 issue. I've recently received a broken one from a friend as I'd accepted the challenge to try and fix it, that's where you guys come in!

The issue being, that what I believe to be the power pack, the wire from the pack has nothing to connect to, I have included some photos, it as somehow pinged off in removing the case to fix the fan. I was hoping a friendly helper may know what the piece is called and guide me to where I can purchase one. I was also concerned how I may attach it back on, I have thermal grease, I'm not sure if that would suffice?


I am aware that the top half of the case is missing, and I will search for a cheap one on ebay. If you can spot any other pieces that might be missing, please let me know.

Many thanks!!




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You can see in the last two photos you have some pads that have pulled up. You do not need to get another part. You have to figure out which wires were supposed to go to which pad, and it is hard to tell by the picture. Once you do find out you can just cut that connector off, scrape back each trace that went to each pad, tin them then solder the wires to them, if they are long enough to still allow you to plug the other end into the psu. If not you will have to add more wire to each of the wires first and solder and heatshrink. Since it is an easy part to get pulled up by people forgetting to unplug the plug from the psu which is what caused this to happen you also, well would anway want to secure the newly made connections. Get make sure you have no bridges first and good connections, then take some epoxy and go over where you put your wires and soldered them to the board and spread it out some so it will be firmly secured to the motherboard. Then when you put the power supply back in you just plug that plug in and your good to go.


Just need to find a clearer picture so you can tell exactly which wire is going where. I've never worked on nor own a PS4 so I don't know, I just wanted to let you know you didn't need to buy any parts to go on it, and actually it wouldn't help even if you had the part really with the pads being gone you are better off doing it the way I described than trying to make the part work.


They aren't in a straight line but it is either going to be from left to right or right to left the order of which to connect them, meaning first wire to the top left, then next to bottom left, then top right, then bottom right and that covers you from left to right, or you turn the plug around and do the wires that way. As far as I can tell the way your 3rd picture is now showing the plug that looks to me that is the same orientation that it needs to be from the youtube video that was shown earlier but it is hard to tell. Pause the video at 8:21. The reason I say it looks like it is correctly oriented now in 3rd pic is that I can't see the same slots showing on the video where the wires go into the back of the plug(the same plug you are showing) so those slots must be on the underside of the plug that we can't see in your 3rd pic which means that you must already have it oriented the correct way there to say hey, first one on the left goes to the top left, then 2nd wire goes over and down, 3rd wire goes over and up, and 4rth wire down and over. Do that you should be good. Hope that helps but if it screws it up my bad.

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