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Next round (2017)


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Mr VCS asked me to step in for a bit-


I will moderate the HSC until around June 20 or so, or until Mr VCS resumes, whichever comes first. In June, I'll be keeping an eye over the 3rd annual Activision Summer Patch Quest.


I'm out of town right now, so the next round for 7800 will begin Monday, April 3. Oyamafamily suggested Pole Position II, other suggestions are welcome below.


Thank you, and game on!

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For other suggestions I will list the following:


PacManPlus Games (Asteroids DELUXE, Meteor Shower, Rip-Off and Space Invaders)



Food Fight



Motor Psycho


Tank Command

Water Ski




And one of more recent games for 7800 never played on this HSC - FAT AXL


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The only homebrews I have are KC Munchkin & Dungeon Stalker. I hate to say it, but I'd like to see more commons being played in the HSC. I get that some folks are probably bored with them, but it's nice for more people to be able to participate in more rounds. Yes, I could get an emulator set up if I really wanted to... but I don't see that happening. Either way, thanks for moving this forward toiletunes!

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